About me



Polish-American painter Radoslaw Zipper focuses not on tangible figures or scenes, but on his medium itself: color. “Color is the most important element of my painting,” he says. “For me, colors are the objects.” In oil paint, Zipper investigates this subject by presenting anywhere between one and countless colors on a single canvas or board. The artist draws worlds of meaning and emotion from his palette by creating intricate patterns and designs with the texture of his paints. Snakes of red-upon-red become a sunset, and a cacophony of colors work in unison to establish both order and chaos at once. The labyrinthine nature of his designs and the boldness of his color field somehow combine the spontaneity of street art with the meditative nature of fine art, particularly evoking the Abstract Expressionist Mark Rothko.

Zipper moved to the United states from Poland after university, where he continued his education in Illinois. It was during this time that he began to spend more time painting and studying modern art. In July, 2015, Zipper was able to return to Poland for a retrospective exhibition at the Palace of Fine Arts in Cracow.